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Your main goal is for your business to grow. Our goal is to help you reach your goal.

When you think of lead generation, you probably think of finding the potential customers that are interested in buying your product or service, your right.  Leads generated online are generally from the completion of a form or phone call. The lifeline for any business is the steady consistent flow of these leads to the sales teams.

Internet Marketing Images has proven methods designed specifically to increase lead generation for your business. Even though there is constant change in the web economy and marketplace, one thing remains constant interested people will supply personal information in exchange for freebies such as: webinars, e-books, product consultations, or demonstrations.

The strategy for lead generation depends on your business need in the end.

  1. Are you generating your leads for sales purposes?
  2. Are you generating your leads for to target specific audiences through targeted branding in the future?

Online leads are more advantageous than cold calling or other methods of prospecting for sales. Prior knowledge of your type of product or service is how most people will find your website on the internet. Time saved in acquisition equals higher profits. Once they are on your website, the education process begins. Educated consumers lead to happier consumers which equals increased sales.

Techniques for Online Lead Generation

Internet Marketing Images uses multiple methods to help you generate leads. We focus on attracting potential customers and then keep their attention till they make a decision.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is our number one method of attraction. We work to increase your rankings and visibility across the web through the use of specific keywords and phrases. Please see our SEO page for more information.

Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising is effective but should not be your sole method of lead generation. This method is more expensive but will produce results quickly. It is good for testing multiple marketing messages and narrowing down target markets with the highest ROI.

The website associated used for your lead generation should be optimized and of high quality to generate the leads your expecting. The site must be designed to drive conversions through calls to actions that are highly visible and effective.  Testing can be done over time to determine what works.  Contact information should be easily accessible and we recommend posting lead generation contact forms on every page.  These forms should ask for only basic information.

Social Media Marketing is a tool that will enhance the previous three by building your reputation online. Social media builds trust through relationship building and instills you as an expert in your field.

Other lead generation methods we recommend are:

  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Blogging
  • Industry Research Reports
  • eBooks
  • Online Marketing Videos
  • Infographics

When we put together your lead generation strategy, we look at all of these methods and compare to your industry as a whole.  We can tell through market research in your industry what is proving to be effective.  Each industry and business is different.  Testing is a never ending process when it comes to lead generation. Therefore, all of our lead generation packages are customized to your business.

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