To ensure the compliance, compatibility, and accessibility as described and required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, we will install the plugin, WP Accessibility. All other requirements will need to be filtered through and accounted for accordingly. Additionally, we will run the website through a compliance validator program to find the exact areas with issues.

  • Accessibility Features added by WP Accessibility:
    1. Enable skip links with WebKit support by adding JavaScript support to move keyboard focus.
    2. Add skip links with user-defined targets. (Customizable targets and appearance.)
    3. Add language and text direction attributes to your HTML attribute
    4. Add an outline to the keyboard focus state for focusable elements.
    5. Add a toolbar toggling between high contrast, large print, and desaturated (grayscale) views of your theme.
    6. Add a long description to images. Use the image’s “Description” field to add long descriptions.
  • Accessibility Issues fixed by WP Accessibility:
    1. Remove the target attribute from links.
    2. Force a search page error when a search is made with an empty text string. (If your theme has a search.php template.)
    3. Remove tab index from elements that are focusable.
    4. Strip title attributes from images inserted into content.
    5. Remove redundant title attributes from page lists, category lists, and archive menus.
    6. Add post titles to standard “read more” links.
    7. Address some accessibility issues in the WordPress admin styles
  • Accessibility Tools built into WP Accessibility:
    1. Show the color contrast between two provided hexadecimal color values.
    2. Enable diagnostic CSS to show CSS-detectable problems in visual editor or on front-end of site.

W3C standards are set forth by the W3C organization. Our procedure for compliance involves making sure every page has a document type first off. When the website design is in the final stages we process the site through a W3C compliance evaluator that will find all the discrepancies and issues so fixes can be installed.
ADA, Section 508, and W3C are all part of our In-House Quality Control Measures.
Finally, our websites are compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer less 3 versions.

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