Dan Stalfire

August 24, 2020 admin

Dan “Falc” Stalfire is an avid hockey player, outdoor enthusiast, and volunteer Firefighter and EMT. He is married to the…

Patrick Dooley

August 23, 2020 admin

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of North Texas Patrick Dooley helped Dan Stalfire create…

Jodi Stalfire

August 23, 2020 admin

Jodi has been involved in the day to day operations of the company since its inception in 1997. Jodi holds…

Joe Chandler

August 21, 2020 admin

Joe started his career in the US Navy as a Nuclear Power Operator, then left to work in one of…

Dani Sheller

August 20, 2020 admin

Dani has been working in the digital marketing industry as an SEO content writer for five years. After a long…

Leo Barron Hicks

August 19, 2020 admin

Leo was born and raised in East St. Louis, Illinois, one of the roughest and most depressing communities in America….