Team Information

  • Designation: National Account Specialist

Leo was born and raised in East St. Louis, Illinois, one of the roughest and most depressing communities in America. He acknowledges and deeply appreciates the love and support of a nurturing extended family, who taught him the difference between right from wrong.
Married for over forty years with two children and four grandchildren, Leo is well educated, having earned a Bachelors, Master’s and Law Degree, as well as a number of professional certificates, including but not limited to Information Technology Infrastructure Library and Lean Six Sigma Six certificates.
For 15 years, Leo practiced criminal law in the State of Wisconsin. His experiences inspired him to write three books on the subject of race and justice, i.e., “The New Cotton, From Race Chattel Slavery to Race Conviction Slavery” and “The Cotton Chronicles, American Apartheid, Prisons and the 21st Century Cotton Gin” and “Cotton’s Prophesy”.